About Our Team


In 2005, we combined our respective training in medicine and defense law to establish Paolini & Haley as a collaborative legal practice.  Clients turn to us for help in five main areas: 


  1.   Medical malpractice

  2.   Legal malpractice

  3.   Personal injury

  4.   Consumer protection

  5.   Motor vehicle accidents


As a trained physician with a degree from Harvard Medical School, Domenic Paolini dissects medical records with a unique eye for the critical nuances that can make or break a case.  As a former defense attorney, Rich Haley knows exactly how the defense side approaches cases and understands the inner workings of insurance companies.  Together, we offer firsthand insight into the medical, legal, and insurance processes than can otherwise prevent clients from receiving the compensation that they deserve. Specialized attention and immediate action form the foundation of our business. 


We're committed to cutting through the clutter and getting to the bottom of an issue quickly...