Practice Areas

We specialize our practice in the following areas:
Medical Malpractice


We represent patients and their families who have been injured by the healthcare industry.  Unlike other firms that juggle an immense case load and tend to draw out cases unnecessarily, we remain focused, diligent, and organized.  Our services include the investigation and analysis of the treatment rendered, as well as recommendations on whether the negligence occurred and whether a law suit is advisable.  We scrutinize every detail of our clients' case, drawing heavily on Domenic's experience as a physician and other expert opinions, to ensure that we have considered every possible angle and our recommendations are well-reasoned.  We only move forward with a law suit once we have complete confidence that the facts support it.  Our measured, investigative approach has earned us the honor of handling cases that settle without a law suit. 


Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis

  • Surgical errors

  • Medication or treatment errors



Legal Malpractice


Similar to our medical malpractice approach, we help individuals and families whose attorneys acted negligently when handling their cases.  We provide specialized attention to our clients and pursue cases after thorough investigation.  Richard's experience as a defense attorney allows us to anticipate arguments the defense will use against us so we are better prepared to secure winning results for our clients. 


In one of our most notable legal malpractice cases, we achieved a $1,000,000 settlement for a client whose attorney negligently handled a business negotiation.



Personal Injury


Victims of personal injury caused by unsafe drugs, vaccinations, mechanical tools, medical devices or dangerous premises, such as slip and fall cases, need legal representation that will bring them fair compensation.  We understand the intracacies of the law and what factors go into making pharmaceutical companies, tool makers, medical device manufacturers and property owners responsible for injuried suffered by our clients.  Our thorough approach to personal injury cases ensures that we know every fact before moving forward with a law suit.  We also keep cases progressing at all times to maximize our clients' recoveries and to help victims and their families reach closure quickly.  We want what is best for our clients, both financially and emotionally.  We deliver strong results because our firsthand experience with both defense law and medicine allows us to navigate the nuances and technicalities of personal injury cases with intelligence, understanding, and efficiency.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of motor vehicle accidents turn to us to get the representation and settlement they deserve.  We represent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents.  We understand the intracacies of Massachusetts No Fault motor vehicle laws.  We also understand the tactics used by insurers to minimize compensation for serious injuries.  We use our expertise to our clients' advantage in order to secure the fairest compensation possible for their injuries.

Consumer Protection

The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (M.G.L. Chapter 93A) covers a wide range of activities and bans unfair or misleading practices in trade or commerce.  This statute prohibits fraudulent business behaviors by companies and corporations and promotes well-informed decisions by consumers.  For example, the Massachusetts Lemon Law provides compensation to consumers who purchased defective automobiles.  If you purchased an automobile that has requied multiple repairs under the manufacturer's warranty, then you may qualify for compensation under the Massachusetts Lemon Law.  Consumer protection laws apply to the business of health care and protects patients injured by deceptive advertising claims of hospitals and health care providers.