Client Stories


We pride ourselves in achieving positive outcomes for our clients.  In medical malpractice cases, for example, doctors win 92 percent of the time when cases go to trial.  We consider these risks closely and make sure we reach the best settlement for our clients' long-term interests.  Our goal is to keep cases progressing at all times to maximize our clients' recoveries and to help victims and their families reach closure quickly.  The following examples offer a glimpse into our notable track record of success.



Medical Malpractice


$1,600,000 Settlement in wrongful death action where a young man with a wife and two young children presented to the ER room with crushing chest pain that was misdiagnosed as a viral syndrome.  The settlement proceeds will be used for private schooling for the man's children.


$1,250,000 Settlement in medical malpractice action settled when a married man in his 40s with children suffered brain injuries while inpatient at a local hospital severely diminishing his cognitive functioning for the rest of his life.  


$1,000,000 Settlement in wrongful death case settled because of the failure to diagnose an abdominal aortic aneyurism on a CT scan.


$1,000,000 Settlement/Award satisfied by the National Vaccine Compensation Program when a man in his 50s became parapelegic following an adverse reaction to an annual flu vaccination.


$500,000 Settlement for misdiagnosis of colon cancer of a woman in her 60s of which she passed away from shortly thereafter.


$225,000 Settlement for a failure to diagnose a perforated small bowel following a bicycle accident.


$200,000 Settlement for injuries sustained by a woman in her 60s after falling at a local nursing home when she was supposed to be assisted and supervised by nursing home staff.


$75,000 Settlement for negligently dispensing blood thinning medication at five times the prescribed dosage.



Legal Malpractice


$1,000,000 Settlement for a client whose attorney negligently handled a business transaction


$70,000 Settlement for an elderly man whose attorney let the statute of limitations lapse in a motor vehicle accident claim.



Personal Injury


$400,000 Settlement for injuries resulting from negligent failure to remove a dangerous telephone pole.


$375,000 Settlement for claim of sexual harassment in the workplace.


$100,000 Settlement for injuries including severe burns, seizures and emotional damages suffered by a 7-year old girl who received a traumatic electric shock when stepping on a metal grate at a large regional airport.


$90,000 Settlement for injuries sustained following an accident in an establishment's parking lot.



Motor Vehicle Accidents


$105,000 Settlement for a passenger of a motor vehicle who suffered severe injuries to her right hand in an accident within a busy intersection.


$70,000 Settlement for a motor vehicle claim for failure to yield.


$60,000 Settlement for pedestrian hit by a car in a parking lot.